15 people attended tonight’s meeting. Vice President Clark chaired the meeting in Richard’s absence.

Membership report is that we had a flurry of re-applicants now that the SFRA has been lifted. 61 members to date.

Our Safety message is to put your UAS down in approved areas. Crashing on a highway is bad for everyone.

Old Business: We sent a request to the FAA after last week’s meeting. No response. Several of us contacted our representatives. The third item was to reach out to area clubs to form a collaboration. Clark sent several emails. Gary and Bill attended a coalition of clubs that had good attendance. See New Business.

New Business: Gary has the minutes of a meeting held last week before the SFRA was lifted. 35 people attended. This represented 13 of the 14 clubs affected. Gary and Bill will be our representatives for this group. The name is Nation Capital Model Aviation Alliance. They will meet every other month and whenever there is an urgent need. Gary spent 20 minutes discussing the benefits and possibilities of the local alliance.

The FSA meeting summary high points were:

  1. Andrew to post the new late fee date based on 45 day delay from our original date
  2. Barn heaters found and returned
  3. New wind sock and flags need purchased in near future
  4. FAA registration number must be on your UAS and your FAA card should be with you when at our field. We will not be policing but the FAA fines are steep.
  5. Local area clubs forming an alliance. See above
  6. Motion to post “Directive for Law Enforcement” in our barn discussed but no action defined
  7. Agreement to post the minutes of NCMAA. Gary to provide in an email for our web site. Suggestion made to summarize and place as pdf.
  8. Breakfast at the barn a week from tomorrow (Sat Feb 20th)

Meeting started at 7:40 and adjourned at 8:40.

Blue Skies and Calm Winds,