Meeting called to order at 7:30 pm

Officers present were David Heinmuller and Tom Salamon.
Approximately 20 members present.
Meeting chaired by Tom Salamon

Dave Heinmuller gave Membership report. We have 77 registered members as of 3/11/16. This is about half of total expected memberships.

Tom Salamon gave Treasurer’s report.

Field status report given by Gary Heath
The runway has been cut once this year.
Dumping and dirt bikers continue to be a problem on Van Dusen Road.
Mowers are to return to the field the weekend of April 20th.
A new windsock is to be ordered.
A new Maryland flag has been ordered and should arrive shortly. A new U.S. flag will also be obtained to replace the existing one

Breakfast at the field
The breakfast on February 20th went well. The food and hunger ran out simultaneously and all left satisfied.

Calendar of upcoming events
Tentative date for AOTW is June 25. It was presumed to be a one day event this year. Event Coordinator is T.B.D. The date was selected to avoid conflicts with Father’s Day, June 19th and allow breathing room with Warbirds over Delaware which is slated for July 6th thru 10th.
Field clean-up day is scheduled for April 9. Clean up will focus on the area around the trailer, painting the tables in the pits and patching up the gravel driveway.
The field will also be rolled that weekend.
Heli-event for August/September timeframe is T.B.D.

Field Safety
Field safety officer was not present.
No incidents reported for the last month.
Various options for dealing with the dirt bikers were discussed. We are going to contact UPS regarding a cooperative effort with them to try and alleviate the illegal and dangerous activity on Van Dusen Road. Freestate Aeromodelers reminds all members to call 911 and report illegal and dangerous activity when seen. Do not confront the dirt bikers directly.

Recent actions by F.A.A.
Now that the field is reopened, all members are reminded that they must register with the F.A.A. in order to fly. There are liability issues which could be detrimental to FSA if a pilot of a U.A.S. (Any RC aircraft) is not registered with the F.A.A.

April Meeting
Meeting of April 08 will be held at the field at 7:30 pm. The plan is to have Ledo’s pizza and sodas at the field after the meeting and possibly a little evening flying.

New business
Jordan Epps inquired about the possibility of hosting a Jet (turbine and ducted fan) fun-fly in September. Any new event at this time would need to be coordinated with a possible heli- fly traditionally held in this time frame. No objections were raised. Jordan will further develop the plan and report back to the club at an upcoming meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm