What Time: 5 p.m. every Wednesday
Where: Our flying field
How Long: April thru end of October

An Important Note About Training: Free State’s Flight Instructors are a dedicated group of volunteers who make Wednesday evenings a time to learn. Unfortunately at times, not every FSA volunteer can attend our Wednesday night sessions. We ask that you be understanding in the event that there are too few instructors at the field. For more information, contact us online and we’ll be happy to give you more details (our web nerd is pretty quick to respond).

FSA Flight Training Program

Learning to fly a radio controlled airplane is hard at first. Ask almost anyone who has tried to fly on his or her own and they will usually tell you how they crashed shortly after take off. Just as ‘real’ pilots need to be trained, so do radio control airplane & helicopter pilots.

That’s where the good news begins, as FSA’s Flight Training Program is designed for you to successfully learn to fly your radio controlled airplane. You first learn to fly straight and level, progress to making turns and banks, progress to take offs, then finally some landings. Perhaps you’ll learn to loop or roll your airplane, too. Right after that you can be soloed. How long it takes varies from person to person, but count on at least a few months of Wednesdays to perhaps the whole flying season. There’s no need to rush, however, enjoy the learning experience. Our instructor pilots tailor their training to match your skill level. Along the way, you’ll also learn about radio control safety procedures, about how an airplane flies, how to tune your engine, provided you are using a ‘gas’ motor and not an electric powered airplane, and about your radio. You’ll also develop some good friendships with your instructor pilots and with other FSA club members.

We want you to succeed!

FSA’s Airplane Flight Training Program is free and is offered to all FSA club members. Flight training is conducted every Wednesday afternoon or evening from the first Wednesday in April through the last Wednesday in October, as weather permits. Our flight instructors usually start showing up at the field, Konterra Model Air Park, around 5:00 pm; flight instruction usually continues until a little after sunset. If you are a club member interested in training or a prospective member wanting to learn more about the training program, please stop by the field and see us. We offer limited helicopter training on an appointment basis. Contact us to make your appointment. Helicopter training days are Saturdays & Sundays.

Note: You must be a current member of Freestate Aeromodelers and be a member of the Academy of Model Aeronautics in order to participate in the FSA Flight Training Program.

What to Bring on Training Days

  • Your airplane (Of course!)
  • Radio, buddy box and training cord
  • Fuel
  • Fuel pump, manual or electric
  • Electric starter and starter battery, or chicken stick to start the engine
  • Remote glow plug igniter, or glow plug clip and battery
  • Spare propellers
  • Spare glow plugs
  • Basic hand tools, screw drivers, propeller wrench, etc.
  • Cheap count-down timer to time your flights

We know this is complex, so if you have questions or don’t understand any of the terminology used above please stop by the field some spring or summer Wednesday evening and we will be glad to show you what to purchase and explain anything and everything to you in more detail. Have fun and fly safely!